(I am writing this article for one of my friend..Words are mine but feelings are his…’SK’ for you brother🤘)

That day 30th of December,2017 was a day which we can call sweet and bitter day..Sweet because all of my friends❤ and me gathered together for having fun and we had fun😉… Bitter because at the end of the day when we gone to the restro there an co-incidence happened that is one of my friend we call him ‘SK’ saw his crush with an another guy..I saw his eyes full of tears😢…ohh yess It is one sided love…We handled him anyhow and gone out from restro within seconds..It was very difficult for him to see his love with another guyy..But….😔

Guyyss”ONE SIDED LOVE IS ALWAYS TRUE” I agree..But please try an understand that “Loving someone who doesn’t love you in return… is like trying to fly with a…

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