Life lessons

Heartbreaks can be really, really, really ugly.

A fellow comrade back in the university who joined with A’s in all subjects committed suicide

because his girlfriend had left him.

As a victim of one and a guy who always finds solutions to his problems, I did a long tedious research on HOW TO AVOID HEARTBREAK and am happy to share with you the conclusions of my research.

Why would someone cheat or leave you?

Because they’ve found another person who is ‘better’ than you in various aspects of what ladies look for in a man and vice versa.

This comes down to one thing.

If it’s a serious and long-term relationship that you seek, your ‘significant other’ should be attracted to you by something that they won’t get elsewhere.

If a lady loves you just because you are handsome

, how many handsome men do you think are out there?…

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