Life lessons

1.Don’t be in a hurry to get married

Life is like a buffet where you’ll come across vegetables and salads first while the sweet grilled meat is at the far end.

If you fill your plate with vegetables you’ll have no space for the yummy stuff.

This life is not going anywhere.

The biggest mistakes people do are the ones that are done with a YOLO mindset.

YOLO will kill you before your time my friend.

Okay so if life is short you want to get married 100 times and have 200 children even before you are 30 years of age right?

Marriage has 99 problems man.

And the biggest problem is that people don’t get married because they want to.

It’s because of peer pressure and nothing good comes with peer pressure.

I am 22 and I am very much financially stable compared to my age mates and I…

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