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Hello Everyone and Happy Monday 🙂

Let’s start the week with a little self-empowerment. Or would this be self-care? self-improvement? self-worth? I do believe it’s all of the above.

Did you ever feel like you could not leave a very bad, self-destructive situation or relationship because there was simply no better option for you out there? “Better stick with the devil you know”, they say. “It’s not that bad and it could be worse” they say. “Be happy with what you have, you don’t need anything else” they say.

As if being ambitious is a vulgarity! As if you cannot be grateful for what you have but still seek to build more for yourself!

We unfortunately live in a society that will encourage you to be successful but scorn the way you go for that success. Magazines, Talk shows, people… they all tell you to love yourself but there is…

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