• Rapper rejects idea Trump has been good for African Americans
  • Trump tweets: ‘Black unemployment lowest rate ever recorded!’
  • Jan/29/2018, TIMES OF LION, US
  • Donald Trumpduly hit back at Jay-Z on Sunday, after the rapper rejected the idea the Trump presidency has been good for African Americans and called the president a “superbug” in a discussion of his reported racist remarks.

    Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter,appeared on CNN’s The Van Jones Showon Saturday night.

    Asked how he felt when Trumpreportedlycalled African countries “shitholes”, Jay-Z said: “Yes, it’s disappointing and hurtful. Everyone feels anger. After the anger, it’s really hurtful because he’s like looking down on a whole population of people.”

    The rapper said Trump’s reported comment – which the president has denied – was “how people talk … behind closed…

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