#poemwritingchallenge #day4

CHALLENGE: Write a poem on a specific time of the day…. And about an emotion in it….

Seems a bit tough….. Let’s see how you all feel about it….. So…. Here it is…

With a filled up sense of desperation,

And a confusion and illumination,

I got to know it at last,

To fill the void of my true past.

What can be named, I can endure,

But the night was dark and I was lured.

The feelings I possess have been long lost,

And the memories have turned into a holocaust.

I feel the substance of my body fading,

And it took a lot of endurance within for persuading

A glimmering stratum of wakefulness imto sleep,

And dreams lie in wait as they always have been…..

Much love,

Sai Deepti.❤🎭

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