Forwards Only

It’s almost a month. Well, 4 weeks already. And I’m doing surprisingly fine – still with any ‘sweet sins’ and feeling really good. In this whole time, I lost 6kilos in total and now have much clearer body lines (I love you too, squats).

And in this whole time I just couldn’t stop thinking why is it all working for me this time. Cause last winter I was basically postponing my diet and workout plans ‘till the next Monday’ and didn’t succeed at all. So why is it all different this time?

Admit it – we all know people who set themselves unreachable goals claiming ‘it’s a great motivation’. But after some time, when you ask that ‘so how’s it going with that’ question, they just change the topic suddenly or immediately redirect their glance away from you. And after few minutes of mumbling, they admit they’ve given up cause…

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