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Poetic Justice .. Isthat jam that’s on replay everyday I wake up before I perform anything..”Love is not just a verb….it’s you looking in the mirror”…..you get me?…anyway thatdoesn’t even concern this

One afternoon I caught myself watching an episode of Sex and the City (Yes, a guilty pleasure of mine.)

On this particular episode, Carrie got dumped by guy named “Burger.” While Carrie certainly had her share of relationship woes, trials and tribulations, I believe Burger did one of the most despicable acts to her.

Preview YouTube video Sex and The City – Carrie tells you how to break up with someone


That video clip always gets me thinking. Is there’s a good way to break up with someone you once cared for?

Break ups are never easy. Not for the person who lost someone or even the person initiating the break up. Some feel…

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