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See How Silver Shines and Words Win in 2018 Best Practices

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“I’ve tried to remember everything you have ever taught me about beauty..” – Sarah Stewart

With all the wide marketing spaces a question comes to mind… How can my business or my work stand apart, blend, grow and reach into the depths of peoples minds hearts and souls?

In the first quarter of 2018 as we review all the wonderful insightful articles/blogs/whitepapers for “how to”… Content Marketing Institute has it right – short and to the point,

“Keep your audience at the center of your content marketing process.”

Here are 5 ways to perform your content audit:

  1. Identify your main goalYour goal determines everything you do in your inventory audit.
  • Get rid of ROT (redundant, outdated, or trivial content).
  • Understand the scope of your content of all types.
  • Evaluate for consistent…

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