I’m not a very patient person, I always want different things to be done at once. Anyways, sometimes is good to postpone some things, like writing this post as a response to the Versatile Blogger Award nomination, because until I started writing it 2 other nominations came by. This will save me some time to write one post instead of 3 😀 .

I’m always happy to see my name or the name of my blog on this award nominations posts. And this time I owe my gratitude to:

  1. Naiem – His posts are always meaningful and sending us a message, with some quotes to make it whole, I also love his poetry. Don’t miss to visit and follow it.
  2. Dejan – Colleague tour guide from Zagreb, Croatia, who likes to write about his country, as much as he likes to speak about it. He does that in an interesting way, making you…

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