Water for Camels

So, someone who followed my blog, asked me how I always stay positive and encouraging about a job that is as thankless and unappreciated as social work. I gave her a thoughtful, life altering answer…

I. Don’t.

I am human, just like the rest of us. I feel the weight as well. Sometimes I feel like there is an elephant sitting on me, crushing me under its weight. I can’t breathe. I wonder if I can make it one more day.

And then I do.

I wrote a poem in my blog: The things I have seen, that I will copy and repost below.


Even the strongest Beast,
able to carry a mulititude
Of other’s baggage
can Sometimes fall
Beneath the weight.

How tempting it is
To just stay
Face down
in the mud
Created by my tears

How easy defeat
Creeps into my every orafice

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