On a mission

They say learning the wrinkles from someone more experienced saves time and here are the 8 things I owe to them:

  1. With practice and continuous practice, you can make things perfect. For example, you can see in your writing how things looked then and now!
  2. Running is a sport which requires three muscles Glute, Hamstrings, and Curves exercising on a regular basis. You do it and see the effortless running in you!
  3. Ideas are like a good pen if you do not register or write you lose it. Do you remember or have a favorite pen?
  4. Negotiations are not either 0 or 1. It is in between!
  5. Kindness does not mean you are weak. It is the second nature.
  6. Looks are deceptive…look into the soul.
  7. Eat what enables you…you are the best to decide.
  8. Sleep…its a nourishment! Take enough in the night and given…

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