Invest In Yourself First!!

A small flame is extinguished by the wind but the wind makes a big fire bigger. A person who’s whole life is in comfort always can’t fight with any little amount of stress easily but a person who faces so many ups and downs in his life survive anywhere in any condition with anyone. Like some things are came with instruction of Handle With Care that is Fragile items. Human is also fragile who never faces any hardships of life. But some are anti-fragile people. The more stress faces in life, the more robust they become. Antifragile things increase and rise under the uncertainty and stress. Human Emotions are a good example to understand ‘Antifragile’ behavior thoughts or emotions such as anger,jealousy and bitterness grow the more they are suppressed.

Overprotective parents who shield their kids from each harm and hurdles, medical experts who prescribe more medication for every small…

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