Water for Camels

I grew up the middle child; a girl between two boys. Needless to say I was a bit of a tomboy. I climbed trees, played pirate and even fished ( if one of my brothers baited my hook). So…not SUCH a tomboy.

Another activity I loved was skipping rocks. My older brother was very good at this. But, It took me a while to learn the proper rock-skipping-process. But I will share with you FREE OF CHARGE!

Rock choice played a major role: the flatter the rock, the better to skip. I would search for the flattest rocks, so that I could get more “skips” than my brothers. Because at that age EVERYTHING was a competition. Almost as important as the chosen rock was the wrist motion. Because, even a flat rock won’t skip if it is just chunked into the water (lesson learned from previous chunking attempts followed by…

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