Ushma Patel

Craziness is what I wear

Honest is what I am

Jealousy is what I deficit

Cute is what I love

Evil is what I never ever tasted.

Its song of me to me!!

Superiority is my way

Passion is my ride

Life is my friend,

n so no one is my foe.

God is my trust

Friends are my purlieu.

Its song of me to me!!

Travel is source to learn

Home is where I lay

Success is my desire;

which I turned to want,

n so did I reap.

Gesture is what made me who I am

Pun is just what I demand.

Its song of me to me!!

Dignity is my woww

Simplicity is my now

Psychology is my recreation

N conscience is my dearest

Happiness is my maxim

That is who me is!

Its our song to us!!

Its our song

In my way.

Its song of…

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