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Metamorphosis of a Goddess

Thanks for joining me!

“And so artistic creation is the metamorphosis of the external physical aspects of a thing into a self-sustaining spiritual reality”  – Hans Hofmann

Hello, hello! This is my  first article and I hope to have you with me throughout my beginner activity in online chatting.

So, let’s start it! For the beginning I would like to talk about the meaning of my blog’s name, which wants to be (wants, because I surely will deviate from the theme writing about some other stuff as well).

Metamorphosis of a Goddess 

For those who don’t know, the metamorphosis is a biological process of transformation through which some animals go by after birth,  evolving from the stage of youth to adult stage, through an obvious and fairly rapid change in their appearances. The most common example of the inner beauty is the butterfly.At the beginning, considered a “disgraceful” larva…

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