The Quest

Life via Window

That night whenever I woke up in the middle the depth in those mesmerizing eyes were all it came to me. The dreams were of those enthralling smiles which induced a smile in my soul. Every time the devil whispered fear, the light of that divine beauty ashed away the darkness. The darkest of my fears turned into a bed of roses as she planted the flower of her love. Amidst the chaos in weather of my mind there was a dove singing peace.

Finally did I got over the demons inside me?

The quest began, the quest to find my love, the quest to find me. Before her my life was like a rōnin, without purpose, without aspirations but now I had dreams and a purpose-to find her; my elixir of Renaissance.
Every night I looked for the aurora that brought back mine departed soul at the place I…

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Autore: alessandria today

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