Be a Realistic Freelancer


I believe I have touched on this topic before in one of my earlier freelancing articles. As I advertised and hired freelancers either for my own business or on behalf of my clients, I came across unrealistic freelancers who demands. Yes, you heard it right, demands. Here are some of the ridiculous requests / unrealistic claims from freelancers.

Disclaimer: Mind you, I am a freelancer as well, and I know how tough it is to protect yourself and still remain competitive, but some of the below requests just made my jaw drop.

“I am inexperienced as a writer, but I have been blogging all my life. I think I deserve a rate of USD$25 for a 500-word article.”

First of all, there is no such thing as you deserve a certain amount because it is all about demand and supply. Even you think you are good enough to command a…

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