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I went to the hairdresser and she cut my hair (not that much) and made me cool bangs! I was trying (I say trying because I don’t like the anatomy T^T) to practice anatomy! And I said… why don’t draw myself with a dress and my new haircut. And that’s what I did. I thank Koset (braindumblogic) because she taught me the anatomy I used here! Well, hope you guys like the dress and don’t just think I’m leaving the Requests, ok? I’m just practising anatomy so that I draw good the drawings! I’m now working on the Anime Mad Hatter girl of Pour Mix and Create although I don’t think she will read that.

The anatomy is not that bad, it’s one of the first times I do it alone. I just have to get used to it because I’m not brilliant at it, you know…

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