Artemisa's art

Ok, here you got my drwing ma frend! As Lulu_chan would say XD (Go follow her right now! If you think I draw good you haven´t seen her drawings). Well, this was a bit hard. I got stucked in this drawing, and I tried like 3 different chibi anatomies, finally I decided to did this:


I did her with a big hoodie (“Her hands! They´re gone!” Nope, they are under her hoodie, you peanut butter.) to make a “cute”look. (I hope it did work) And I´m soooo sorry because of my inactivity, but I have been like with a LOT of exams. But really a lot. And I´m soooo busy!! Well, as the ocassion has came (7v7) to you to forgive me I will put here a playlist of kinda new song (No reggaeton) with their videos. But I want you to pay attention to the letter, specially:



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