Coercion? How to Respond?

Help Break The Silence

So, we already know how smartly offenders handle certain situations. They know precisely how to bury some guilt within the physique whom they are prepared to victimise. Perpetrators of intimate violence regularly use tactics, such as guilt or coercion, to urge a person toward something they do not desire to do. It can be upsetting, terrifying, or uncomfortable if you find yourself in this position.

Keep These In Mind 🧠

  • Remind yourself this is not your mistake. You did not commit anything wrong. It is the person who is compelling you who is guilty. Guys, one information that I always try to press into your understanding is to “Remember that it is not your fault at all that the other person is acting this way, they are accountable for their individual movements.” Please never blame “YOURSELF”
  • Believe your gut. Do not feel obligated to do anything you do not want…

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