My Life with PTSD, Bipolar & Bpd

Those moments where you’re being a *tad* too hard on yourself, Jen? We all have ‘em—but we can take steps to tone it down.

Want to learn more or try it out?

One of the toughest people to let down? Ourselves, Jen.

Today, know you’re doing your best.

Try the ‘7 ways of self-forgiveness:’

Yup, self-disappointment can feel like wearing an itchy wool sweater in the heat of summer. 😅

The good news: If we’re intentional, we can slowly peel off that not-so-comfy layer.

Today, if disappointment pops up, realize it’s because you *care* about something—that project, friend, etc.

Resist the self-shame + get curious about how you can improve.

Turn self-disappointment into self-discovery, Jen.

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