Rape cases of Children have risen by 82%

95% of child rapists are known to their victims.

Delhi accounts for 21% of the total crimes against women across india’s 53 Mega cities.

8 cases of child abuse are reported daily.

Before they turn 18,
1 in 6 boys experience some form of sexual abuse.
1 in 4 girls experience some form of sexual abuse.

A child is sexually abused every 15 minutes. 5 out of every 6 cases of child abuse and unreported.

In more than 50% cases of child abuse, the perpetrator is a family member.

We killed 10 million girls in past 20 years. And we are still killing them.

Every 8 mins a girl child goes missing.

Nearly 40,000 children around abducted every year.

Statistics say that 96% of the rapes happen wit hin the four walls of the house. Law enforcement never gets involved in this…

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