16th December, 2012 on that day a 23 yr old girl was returning home after watching d film ‘life of pie’ in Saket, South Delhi with her friend Awindra Pratap Pandey on a chilly December night around 8pm. After trying their luck for an auto rickshaw, they boarded a white bus at a busy bus stop.

The bus had 5 male passengers apart from the driver. Everything seemed ordinary, but things soon turned out to be straight out of a horror fiction. One of the men, a juvenile Mohd. Afroz told her that the bus was going towards their destination.

But the bus deviated from its route n the doors were shut firmly. The men on the bus started taunting her, a scuffle endured between Pandey n them, he was beaten black n blue, gagged n knocked unconscious with an IRON ROD. Meanwhile others took the girl to the rear…

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