My Life with PTSD, Bipolar & Bpd

Good morning Trauma Family,

I’d like for us to read a few excerpts from Matthew Tull, PhD. He talks about impulsive behavior and risky behavior. He explains How people with PTSD can have impulsive behaviour.

I know this can be a secretive thing that you hate that you do. It’s okay. We are here to support each other. Especially for the hard stuff.

PTSD and impulsive and risky behaviors. Specifically, given evidence that difficulties in emotion regulation and impulsivity are elevated among individuals with PTSD and associated with greater risk-taking behaviors, these two constructs are proposed as potential mechanisms that may account for the PTSD-impulsive and risky behavior connection.

Many people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) struggle with a variety of impulsive behaviors. When this happens often or seriously disrupts everyday life, impulse control disorders are a likely cause.

Typically the impulsive action results from release of stress that has…

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