Hallo dear readers,,,

So my roommate (roomy) and I had a really big fight a few days ago, well, not fist fights,scratching, hair pulling or anything like that. Just a really intense argument. I wasn’t entirely on the wrong,,I know what y’all are thinking,’there she goes,defending herself But honestly, I think I really did hurt her feelings, so I decided to apologize and end the argument. Let’s go with my exact words, “All my life, I’ve been through situations, bad ones. And I promised myself that I’d never let anyone hurt me or make me feel bad about myself. IF I’ve wronged you,am sorry, but it wasn’t really my fault.”

It sounds like an award winning apology, right? I was sure she’d forgive me ,and move on,you know ,’water under the bridge That didnt happen, instead ,she told me something that really touched me. She decided to be ‘brutally…

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