Playing the dating game can be very risky, you know, with all the dating apps people use these days. First dates can be nerve wrecking especially because you never really know who you are about to go out with and if you’ve also heard dating horror stories like the one am about to tell you. See ,I don’t think anyone exists who has not had a good bad date story at some point. I’ve had a fair share of bad dates myself, So grab a strong drink and revel in my misfortune. Laughing is allowed, don’t shy away.

I met this guy online, yes,online, lol. He had hit my inbox,so first I stalked his profile .wait , every girl does this,right? Like when someone in boxes/ DMS you,you first check there profile and from there you know whether or not you’ll reply. Well,I did that, and something caught my eye…

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Autore: alessandria today

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