Swinging on a Star practice

Artemisa's art

Hiii! As I was going to draw my Loki sister and I, I decided to draw her first, to practice. Also, I am a bit confused with the requests, because I don’t know how to draw men. So… I have to practice ^^b.

The hair was SO difficult to draw T^T but I hope I did it well, although I don’t really like the length of the hairstyle, I think I should’ve done it longer. And also the eyes are weird. Well, no regrets now! (T^T)

I hope u like it. Now I have to work on requests so… I will (maybe) post some practising of men anatomy. Oh! I forgot! It’s my OTHER COUSIN’s BIRTHDAY, so I have to do ANOOOTHER drawing. And also, is my father’s too, and reaaally soon. So I have TWO FRIKING DRAWINGS TO DOOO! I am SO stressed now T^T… I have to draw…

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