Zisa’s cake

Zisa Dolls


“I am afraid that the afternoon at the park, whizzing through avenues in the new red scooter … is to be postponed. – Zisa is very upset – Ugh! What a rain!” And worst of all that mean lady of Carla came, the mum’s friend who is always gossiping about their office. She comes home like a thunderbolt without even saying goodbye to Zisa, or giving her a caress, or saying a kind word, it does not matter if Zisa and mom are about to leave, or if they are doing something important. The worst is that mom likes talking to Carla, and so Zisa is forced to stay apart. And then, at a certain point, to not to make Zisa hear what they are saying, they lower their voices and approach each other’s ear. Finally mom says to Zisa, “go play in your room, dear Zisa.”

So, this is…

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Autore: alessandria today

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