Chronic Illness & Work

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I have Graves’ Disease. I had hyperthyroidism, then after treatment, I had hypothyroidism and according to my last blood test, I’m now stable(ish). I have depression and anxiety disorder, for which I am taking medication. I am waiting to pass the test for sleep apnea and am being followed by a Rheumatologist because it seems that I have another undiagnosed autoimmune illness. So far, chronic pain or fibromyalgia is in the forefront. Hopefully, things will become clearer soon.

#ChronicIllness - TopicsWithPassion.blogI’m nowhere near as energetic, motivated, and efficient as I used to be at work. I see myself falling apart and I hate it.

Too often, I’m just sitting, staring at a screen and figuring out what I’m supposed to be doing. My mind won’t focus despite me really trying. Everything I accomplish takes so much energy out of me. I don’t have enough to last a full day.

I’m also forgetting certain…

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