Understanding exhaustion

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Hands up if you didn’t get enough restful sleep last night. I’m raising both arms.

I have sleep apnea. I stop breathing 53 times an hours. Sitting in the doctor’s office, I listen as he explained that even after getting treatment for sleep apnea, I might not feel rested like many of his other patient. I might still feel exhausted as I have multiple illnesses that cause exhaustion.

#Anxiety - TopicsWithPassion.blogExhaustion can be a standout among the most crippling Graves’ disease, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression side effects. You may feel as if your arms and legs are weighed down with cement and your body may be so emptied of vitality that each thing that you have to do obliges extraordinary effort.

In addition, people with fibromyalgia also have a hard time sleeping, because pain can keep you from getting profound, therapeutic rest, so you wake up feeling just as you have been…

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