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Feminist posts are everywhere lately. All of society is required to be more feminist, more women-oriented & aware, not without a few exaggerations imo.

Anyway, I am a nerd adventurer so I have read many posts and interviews, watched videos, pinned inspirational quotes, followed feminist accounts on IG… until I realized that I have supported women, preferred female content and been intrigued by female literature since… well, since forever, at least since I was in kindergarten. 

So I thought to myself, why not share this journey of unaware, yet visceral feminism with the rest of the community?

I warn you, though, I like to wander, I love to explore. So there is not going to be highly-intellectual-only content. I devour everything the sparks my curiosity and this is why you will be seeing all sorts of levels of female content pop up on your WordPress…

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