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Just when you think you have heard and seen it all, have a look-see at this wonderful example of godlessness, with an added heap of praise by infidels local and universal, and I kid you not, this is word for word by a proud atheist when speaking of flowers:

‘Sciences amazing creation.’

Am I exaggerating when I say this is numbskullery at its finest? ‘Sciences amazing creation’ is like saying polar bears are nephews of Jean Claude Killy the world-class skier; its similar to believing that a mindless pile of wood was responsible for constructing a temple that would make the world-class carpenter Sam Maloof jealous, and saying ‘sciences amazing creation’ is akin to saying that 100m Olympic hurdles were ‘created’ for box turtles which can neither run nor jump.

Science cannot ‘create’ as much as a gnat, a pimple, or poison ivy. Science has no consciousness to ‘create.’ In…

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