Where The Snows Go

On our recent trip to Matera, we heard about another town in Basilicata that immediately captured our attentionCraco. Less than an hour drive from Matera, we decided to detour and visit this intriguing place on our way back to Puglia.

Craco is a historic hill town in southern Italy that, for centuries, was a dynamic place with a large population of agricultural laborers, artisans, clergymen, and professionals. Throughout the years the town weathered many challenges such as raids by brigands and the plague, but the populace always rebounded. In its centuries of existence, the town and its people have continued to evolve. Craco became a center of education and religion, with a university established in 1276, and the monastery of San Pietro founded in 1630. A grand baroque church, San Nicola, was built in the 19th century. As a testament to the city’s success and prosperity…

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