I love you —
I love you wild;
I love you in all my heart.
The laity should not know our love;
They cannot understand our love,
For our love is so wild.

I loved to play with you;
I loved to play in you;
You know how wild our love was.
At dusk, I left your lap,
yet to come back to you at dawn;
So wild our love was.

You were our Sherwood,
And we often played ‘Robinhood’
Though I preferred to play Saradiel,
Who himself played ‘Robinhood’.
At dusk, we were kept behind bars,
Yet at dawn, we played ‘Robinhood’.

Only you know how wild I felt
When iron men fell your guards,
Stripped your fine clothes,
And raped you so mad,
In quest of treasure
To quench their wild pleasure.

Now you’ve been abandoned,
So, you have grown so wild,
But I cannot see your beauty;

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