Alzheimer’s disease Or Bacterial infection!??


Hey guys! I hope you are doing good ❤ Today we will be talking about Alzheimer’s disease and its association with bacteria and also viruses. For decades scientists have been trying to understand the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease and they blame Amyloid plaques and tao protein deposits for this disease and are trying very hard in order to find a treatment of this disease by targeting these plaque formation. All their attempts have failed. Now scientists are looking at another hypothesis with regard to this disease. As early as the 1990s scientists have seen from the biopsies of Alzheimer’s patients that their brain specimens contain bacteria and viruses!

Amyloid protein are formed due to the immunity against these bacteria. Why is it soimportant? Because we can then use antimicrobial drugs to successfully treat and manage Alzheimer’s disease. The first microbe that we should consider is Herpes Simplex1 which also…

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