Come, I’m gonna bring you in my dark cage,
Where I past all these long ages.
Here it’s always so cold,
I’ve been locked here since I was
15 years old.

Since then my voice was always a scream
But nevertheless nobody have ever heard
Nobody has never cared about this,
Nobody has never gave a shit,
About this little kid in panic, that was always been me.

I never stopped rebelling, like and angry bull
My ex bullies now know that,
Since I had wrecked them
Then, every time I look in my clouds I see a skull
Now I just think about let them pay it all
Because they hurt me so bad
I still have scares on my head
And now under my eyes full of anger I’ve waterfalls.

I just loved one woman in my life,
And I still love her, don’t tell me why

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