Redefining Happiness through Neuroscience!


Hey guys!! I hope you are doing good<3 Today ,we will be talking about how are old beliefs can be a hindrance to our own happiness!

Let Go And Be Zen!

We commonly believe that we can think our way out of negative emotions but this is not how our brain is wired!Once you are frustrated or upset you can’t effectively tell your brain not to be. This won’t led to lasting Happiness.It’s as if feelings are conceived to be a bad thing that will hinder our happiness.
Researchersat Notre Damereportthat the average person experiences the fight, flight, or freeze response 50 to 200 times per day.
Daniel Goleman, author of the best-selling bookEmotional Intelligence,describes chronic stressand the subsequent feelings of loss of control as a “neural hijacking” in which the emotional brain takes over. In other words, you can’t just

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