Social Networking errors and Neuroscience


Hello Guys!! I hope you are doing good ❤ Welcome back to another brainy blog!! Today, I will be talking about how we can improve our relationship with others by avoiding certain errors that we commit sometimes which I am also guilty of doing! So without further ado, let’s get started!!! Brace yourself for a lot of medical jargon coming your way!! 😀


Transference is a fancy term to describe your current behavior linked to your past experiences.Transference is the backbone of pschyoanalysis and what is it? Yes this gif somewhat does a little bit justice to pschyoanalysis but not completely as it is the therapy of individuals suffering from mental ailments by talking about their past desires and motives with their analyst which is their doctor and this therapy do works but still it’s controversial.

But why are we so interested in this because we can somehow project…

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