Two Railway tracks – The trolley Dilemma


Dear Bloggers,

I read a story on life and death in FB. This small story confuses me to choose the possibility of saving lives. Its hypothetical. Please read below story carefully and share your views.

“There are two railway tracks one is regular and another kind of back up track, where you see five kids playing on regular track and only one kid on adjacent track. In a distance you you spot a runaway trolley hurtling down the tracks towards five kids who cannot see it coming. As this disaster looms, you see a lever connected to the tracks. 

You realize that if you pull the lever, the tram will be diverted to the second track where one kid is playing alone.

So, would you pull the lever, leading to one death but saving five?

The trolley dilemma allows us to think through the consequences of an action and consider whether its…

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