The Rendezvous Club

Light is just a transparent rainbow

Undispersed and lost between

The chaos and the space

That travels through the whole universe

In seconds and minutes

From far away luminous burning objects of fusion

Through the dark black space

Leaving the void terribly black

Even though it passes through it

Still it brightens our world

Refracting at the top, leaving a blue hue

That only deceives our eyes

For as we go up we see no blue, only black.

Remember light is just a transparent rainbow

Which shows us only one color at a time

And hiding the seven colors in plain sight

If you want to see the seven colors

Coalesced wonder called light

Dispersed and showing us all it’s might

If you want a glimpse, there’s a mechanism

But for that your heart needs to be a prism.



© 21/10/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


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