Lance Sheridan

Through the popcorn and lollipops
I walk (and still walk there—
Out of summer sun’s bruising);
The boardwalk hot as a tin roof,
Bathers fever dry in an ardent blazing.

And so, talking to myself, in
Cotton-candy air, children nip and tuck
For a ride on a carousel.
Slow flocks the wooden animals,
Deflecting the heat’s dazzle

As if in barnyard straw stables.
I can smell the manure
At my feet, exhibiting its methane gas,
Peels off a nose; death-stench on the march,
Dark green on a day’s cruising.

And so, the tiny tots climb onto the saddles,
Grinning from ear to ear with bloated smiles.
Parents coffined in seersucker suits
And paisley dresses; straw hats and mad caps
Sipping the brisk, summer wind.

Horses galloping on chromium poles, hooves
Chewing the breeze; children in a dazzle.
I remember the year, it was bright for a looking;
I drank it…

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Autore: alessandria today

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