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You and I made a solemn promise, we jointly took an oath from the Holy book to keep us from being apart. It was just you and I darling, It was just the two of us when we genuinely became one.

Ages have passed so rapidly, and you and I are no more, Our companionship grows weaker and weaker each day,

I stood beside the ocean trying to think of a way back home, the ocean we used to visit every Sunday morning . I went to seek direction and peace from within. I stood still, besides this ocean, watching its waves as they took away the sorrows of our broken vows. Each wave wept away all the melancholics I’ve embraced inside and out.

It is just me and this ocean darling
I’ve searched for you in its horizons
But you are still no more
“Things” of this universe have…

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Autore: alessandria today

Ex Dirigente, consulente e ora blogger


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