Il mondo di PF JOY LOTUS

And here we are in the obscurity of almost winter.
Between heaven and hell.
Shaky dancing in beams of violet light.
It’s cold outside.
I’m looking for warmth in torrid summer dreams. Still thunderstorms. I cling to the captive memories of your being.
Still sweet agony. Safety.
Your hands once again saved me,
now they smell of gratitude. They’ve driven me away from oblivion.
Fire of playful passion.
Sensual vibrations.

Still down in the darkness.
It doesn’t stop raining.
The Cheshire Cat laughs under his mustache.
A sharp, blinding crescent moon. Love that I can’t shout.
Drown in silence. Smile in tears.
My days will continue among the not respectable.

The sun doesn’t warm up. Rain of red drops. Wine glass. Fear of going out in the light. Challenging difficulties. Deficiencies. Uncomfortable truth. Sharp tongue. A dream that does not die. The reason dies. In the pouring rain we…

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