There was a man, an intelligent man.
He thought so;
others said so,
and he was proud of his intelligence.
He was
the beacon of the city, a guiding star
who guided all the others in the city
yet could not guide himself.

He didn’t know; he couldn’t see
what he was doing; who was sitting beside him;
who he has replaced by; and what’s happening around,
but he had clear eye sights
and was proud of his intelligence.
I am not laughing at him; I cannot laugh at him;
I love him for his truthfulness.

There are many such men who think
they are intelligent, but they don’t know
that they’re only tools in political propagandas.
There were two women, very famous ones,
who were used as tools to justify loot and plunder.
One lived in the West, the other in the East:
one was famous for her faithlessness,

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