Fitting In

Water for Camels

Photo by Betsy Biddle Lange

I love looking at rock patterns in the natural. Without pre-purposed design, a group of stones, all different colors, shapes and sizes fit together as a composition of balance that would not be possible if all of the rocks were identical.

They would not fit.

During my middle to high school years, I attended school in Louisiana: mostly in the suburbs of Greater New Orleans. Growing up in New Orleans can be exciting, especially around any holiday because the people of NOLA love an excuse to party.

We lived in a middle class neighborhood on the bank of a large canal. The neighborhood of small brick homes, contained an eclectic mix of people with varying ethnicity and life styles. There were cajun natives with their unique french/creole accents; Vietnamese and Mexican to name a few. Professions ranged from commercial shrimpers to businessmen. We were a…

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