Life Less Ordinary

I remember the day that I met my first Love. My eyes were transfixed, unable to shift my gaze from the magnetic lure of her twin pools. As I stood there with anticipation trying to peel my eyes off of her physique, she winked and smiled. I was drawn and captivated by her charm. We shared a moment in time, but it was enough to reel me in. We did not have a typical relationship because she did not like to share exclusivity. She said she had other interest’s. Being the gentleman, I respected her wishes.

We had many honeymoons even though we were not married. She made it clear that I was to shed all notions of marriage early on. She was my secret lover and we had so many overtures. Yet, we were unequally yoked and I was at her beck and call, always pliable to her whim’s…

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