“Shed a Little Light” (2)

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IMG_1058.JPG‘Shed A Little Light’ (1991) is Taylor’s gentle and stirring tribute to Martin Luther King. In a 2005 interview he said: “To me, King is really one of the central heroes, you know, just in our time, a real exceptional, rare person who contributed the right things at the right time. You know, I think my parents, they led me into an awareness of what was going on. You know, they felt amazingly strongly about the civil-rights struggle, and I guess it stayed with me. It always stayed with me. So, it came out in a song.”
Therefore, his wish was to honour that 20th-century titan:
“Of the people with whom I have shared my time on this planet, I believe King is the most heroic, the most like Christ or the Buddha. Churchill, FDR, Kennedy, Gandhi, Mother Teresa: for me, King eclipses them all … 50 years ago the…

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