Life Less Ordinary

This poem is about my dad who passed away 3 years back. I still can’t believe he is no more andfeeldepressed when I think about my sweet Papa, the man I first loved. If only, I could fly back in time and give him a hug……

Not a word he uttered

When in fragments, his heart shattered

Seldom did he shed tears

No manifestation of fears

My teeth I would grind

At the strength of his mind

Myself, I would remind

His heart wasn’t unkind

Though to pains, he played blind

With faith, he shined

Though a man of afflictions

He had solid convictions

With Jehovah as his anchor,

He was a staunch believer

In the wee hours of night

In his room burned a dim light

Where he would meditate for long

Quietly hum his heart’s song

While praying with his hands uplifted

His mind never drifted

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