Abstraction as a Condition

Piers of Duty and Gaze

Life shouldn’t be religion-something that you practice. There should be a bigger hand, a more powerful flow to it, like there’s passion and observation of other’s passion. So I write to express the feelings, the true commitment, because living out your fantasies will retire as ordinary sometime in the near future, but if you can string the umpteen of thoughts and dreams into one sensible story or fanciful notion, then its the best of the beats. Every word is an allusion that lies within the fascination of mad methods that buy the pusher his legacy. Time sizzles with a serenade that allures people, people join it and they should since Time is the true theme of our toleration- maybe the future will be better or the past has something funnier that you just didn’t catch-hunt for it in the flip-side of your imagination.

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Autore: alessandria today

Ex Dirigente, consulente e ora blogger


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